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Discount Pontoon Seats

Pontoon seats that are sold at less than retail cost are considered discount pontoon seats. Refurbishing a pontoon boat can be an expensive endeavor. In order to save money on expensive pontoon seats, many boat owners prefer purchasing from discount pontoon seat vendors. This option allows consumers to obtain new products at prices that are less than current OEM, or Original Equipment Manufacturer, prices. Pontoon seat prices can also be discounted by purchasing a furniture group instead of individual furniture pieces.

Discount pontoon seats can be found at factory outlet stores. Originally, factory outlets were stores adjacent to the factory, and sold only product seconds manufactured on site. A second was a product that did not come out perfect, and was not an acceptable quality for full price. Seconds sometimes had burrs, or were painted incorrectly or were uneven. The blemish did not make the product unusable, but it was not first quality and could not be sold as such. Outlet stores were then grouped together in strip malls with other outlet stores. The group of outlet stores was called an outlet center. Outlet centers were very popular, with customers travelling hundreds of miles to take advantage of the seconds. Pontoon seat products usually found in outlet centers include those of above-average quality and pricing.

When merchandise product lines, like discount pontoon seats, are changed in the spring and fall, the discontinued items are removed from regular retail stores and sent to outlet stores. In addition to discontinued items, outlet stores carry damaged, refurbished, and mismatched items. Sometimes sales campaigns featuring specific products do not perform as well as initially anticipated. Excess merchandise, as well as marketing merchandise, is sent to outlet stores so some money can be recouped from the blunder.

Online discount pontoon seat vendors have outlets that sell dented, dinged, slightly dirty, or returned furniture. Prices can be significantly lower than first quality products while the products can still be fully serviceable. Factory outlets, both online and in brick and mortar store locations throughout the country, are a good source for new, but slightly damaged or refurbished pontoon seats. Open box or display items can also provide a significant savings. These items have been used as displays on the sales floor. When the product is discontinued, the display unit is no longer necessary and it is sent to an outlet location.

Many manufacturers have online outlet stores in addition to stores at physical, or brick and mortar, addresses. The benefit of having an outlet store online is that a larger customer base can be reached. The location of the merchandise is no longer important, since the online orders can be shipped from anywhere in the country and still arrive within a day or two. The ability to ship quickly to a number of stores no longer carries weight, since the products are going to be sold online.

Listings of online outlet stores can be accessed through online search engines. Another method to obtain the lowest pricing on discount pontoon seats is using comparison shopping sites. These sites poll popular products over specific periods of time with graphs representing the changes in prices at various online stores. Personalized searches can be performed, tracked and the owner can receive reports on price changes.

Keep in mind that when replacing pontoon furniture, you do not have to replace it with exactly the same furniture configuration. The pontoon deck can be reconfigured for more or less seating, depending on your personal preferences. You can add a pontoon fishing seat but leave the rest of the pontoon furniture as-is. Or you can eliminate all the pontoon bench seating and have only single-person discount pontoon seats. Just like your living room at home, your pontoon deck can be set up to suit your preferences and there are no requirements for the type of furniture you must install.

Although more difficult to find used, discount pontoon seats that have been used in another pontoon boat should be inspected carefully to confirm the condition, quality and the appropriate pricing. Check multiple sources and brands to make informed comparisons. Look for wear and tear on the seams of the used discount pontoon seats. Seams and other abrasion points wear out faster than less-stressed areas of the seat. If wear and tear has sufficiently damaged the vinyl to allow leaking, the upholstery foam may suffer the effects of water damage.

Seams should be sewn together using a waterproof thread and should be in good condition. The thread should be snug with no loose ends or uneven stitches. Water allowed to stand on seams for an extended period of time may seep through the seams into the upholstery foam below. While an insignificant amount of water will not damage the foam, over time it can begin to open the way for damage. Vigilance in removing standing water from discount pontoon seats will ensure a lifespan that is longer than normal.

Online Communities Share Discount Pontoon Seat Information

Online communities are sites on the Internet where groups of people with similar areas of interest congregate and share information. Pontoon boat owners can be part of online forums to discuss their discount pontoon seat information, pontoon projects and to share information about where the best and most affordable pontoon seats and pontoon accessories can be purchased . Online communities often are home to vendors who sell products that are of use to the community.

Forums for pontoon boats are popular places to find out more about pontoon boats and upcoming boating events. Unlike some types of boat owners, pontoon owners tend to be do-it-yourselfers. Information concerning all aspects of pontoon ownership is offered to forum members and many of the posts include how-to instructions for less knowledgeable pontoon owners. Members take pride in finding solutions to pontoon boating problems, document the solutions, and share them with the rest of the community. Rebuilding pontoon boats is often memorialized with pictures and descriptions of tasks - all posted to the pontoon boat forums.

The online communities can continue their friendships during the boating season as many of them put their pontoon boats into the same bodies of water and face the same weather and other challenges as the rest of their community. Many boat owners consider pontoon boating as a way of life, not just a hobby, and take great pride in it.

Discount pontoon seats, and, in fact, pontoon seats of all descriptions, are often topics of pontoon forums. This is a good place to find out specifics about discount pontoon seats. Forum members can answer questions about the durability of seating as well as how to install it and the expected lifespan. Boaters who are contemplating a purchase of discount pontoon seats often query the forum members concerning their opinions of the seats. When searching for replacement discount pontoon seats, make sure to visit online forums and get free advice concerning all aspects of replacing seating.

Some online communities also have e-mail newsletters that are sent to subscribers on a regular basis. The newsletters give current information about pontoon boat and pontoon seat issues. Many pontoon boat marinas have an online presence and are happy to send newsletters to repeat customers. They make information about their area available to pontoon owners and describe the amenities at their locations.

Protect Your Discount Pontoon Seats

Protect discount pontoon seats by making sure to use furniture covers, including individual covers, full mooring covers or lift canopies when the boat is not in use. When determining the average lifespan of pontoon furniture, an estimated 75% of the vinyl lifespan is dependent on the care and cleaning of the vinyl. Harsh cleaning compounds, like some household cleaning products, can damage marine vinyl and make it more susceptible to UV rays and other damaging elements.

Keep pontoon seat vinyl clean and dry to prolong its lifespan. In rainy weather remove cushions and store in plastic, inside the seat bases or cover them to protect them from the rain. Seams that are constantly exposed to water can trap moisture and allow it to seep into the pontoon seat cushions, eventually damaging the upholstery foam.

Do not use silicone or petroleum-based products to clean upholstery vinyl on your pontoon boat furniture. These products extract the plasticizers in the vinyl and make it brittle. When vinyl is dried out over a period of time, it becomes hard and cracks. Likewise, any kind of chlorine based cleaner can remove layers of the vinyl finish and can lead to cracking.

Pontoon boats and all marine vessels are exposed to a number of damaging natural and manmade assailants. Discount pontoon seats and other pontoon furniture are particularly vulnerable because they are created using materials that need to be supple and comfortable as well as durable. Damaging winds are especially strong on the waterfront and can blow debris and dust like a sandblaster. As outer layers of protective laminates are worn away, the vinyl becomes more brittle and will eventually crack, allowing water to seep into the furniture. When upholstery foam is attacked by water, the foam deteriorates and begins to crumble into fine granules.

Simple preventive maintenance adds to the lifespan of discount pontoon seats and other pontoon furniture. When you dock for the night, do not forget to clean up any food, makeup, gasoline, oil, sunscreen or other spills. Regularly wash the upholstery vinyl with marine grade detergent and a soft cloth or brush. Do not use a power washer to wash or dry discount pontoon seats. The force of the water stream is too strong and can damage the vinyl surface and protectants.

Thoroughly rinse soap residue from the discount pontoon seats. Factory-applied protectants are slowly worn down through use, through the attack of UV rays and from water damage. Reapply marine-grade protectants after cleaning, making sure to clean and reapply protectants several times a season.

Throughout the boating season, do your best to keep the pontoon seat vinyl dry. Sit on dry towels when wearing wet bathing suits. Any buildup of dirt, pollen or other debris can absorb water and create a moist environment, encouraging the growth of mold and mildew. Clean up any debris as well as any standing water.

Suntan lotion, sunscreen, lipstick, makeup and body lotions have chemicals that can contribute to wear and damage discount pontoon seats. Any lotions or makeup that accidentally comes in contact with discount pontoon seats must be removed immediately so the surface of the marine vinyl is not compromised. The lotions have certain oils that begin breaking down the protective coatings on vinyl. As the coating is broken down, UV rays can oxidize more aggressively. A catch-22 continues as the coating is broken down more, etc.

When storing pontoon boats, even for fairly short periods of time, it is important to use a good-fitting cover. While pontoon seat covers can protect individual seating units, pontoon seat covers or mooring covers can protect the entire boat and keep unwanted water, dirt and debris from being blown onto the pontoon deck and damaging discount pontoon seats. The tighter fitting boat or mooring covers can block the wind from entering the pontoon boat and keep the furniture free of grit and dampness.

If the pontoon boat will be left covered and unattended for more than a few days, desiccant may be used to reduce the amount of moisture trapped under the pontoon seat covers. Warm, damp, dark surroundings encourage mold and mildew growth. In addition to the moldy odor, discount pontoon seats can be attacked by mold and mildew, breaking down protective surfaces and making them more susceptible to damaging elements. Desiccants bind with the water or absorb water to reduce the amount of moisture available and inhibit the growth of mold and mildew. Examples of desiccant packages are the silica gel packages enclosed with new shoes to keep them dry. Desiccant packages should be kept well away from food sources, children and pets. The desiccants should not be ingested. When the pontoon boat is ready for use again, remove the desiccants to a safe location and dispose of them safely.