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Pontoon Seats for Sale - Where to Start

The first step in completing any great project is to make a list. In this case, the list will have information about the models of pontoon seats you're looking for, sizes, cost, and any other applicable information. List all of the sizes of the pontoon furniture you now have, as well as additional seating that you might want to add. Furniture may have changed since the furniture for your pontoon boat was first designed. Armed with your list, start doing research for the best products and prices available. Keep a journal of all of the information you collect, even the pontoon seats for sale that you found unacceptable.

Online classified ads list individuals and vendors who have pontoon seats for sale. Listings may be updated daily, or even more often. Check the sites frequently for additional or updated ads. Some online classified ad sites have rating systems for their sellers. If so, check for the reputation of the seller. Obtain as much information about the pontoon seats for sale as possible, including current photographs and documents confirming the value of the pontoon furniture. If the seller is not in your local area, shipping charges will need to be determined. Contact shipping companies and get quotes.

Lists of marine equipment vendors can be generated by popular online search engines. These online directories list the company name, contact information and a short description of the products they handle. The vendors may have OEM or used pontoon seats for sale at good prices and are well worth investigating. Do your homework in checking the reputation of these vendors. They may have physical locations for their stores as well as Internet sites. Many companies produce web sites to enhance their customer service abilities and to allow customers to see their products online.

Online auctions offer one or more units of a product for sale to the highest bidder. Vendors use online auctions to improve traffic to their business sites and sometimes to move outdated merchandise quickly. The minimum acceptable bid is set by the vendor and must be met for the product to be sold. Vendors also list additional charges, like taxes or shipping. If the vendor has several units for sale, a Buy Now price is offered on the additional units. It is higher than the initial auction bid but often is considered a good buy. Most vendors include photographs of the products for sale, supporting documents and other information that confirms the pontoon seats for sale meet the vendor claims. After each transaction with the vendor, buyers assign a star rating to show how reputable the vendor was to do business with. The accumulation of all the vendor's business transactions on the auction site show the general reputation of the vendor.

Developed by interest groups, marinas or other types of businesses, pontoon boat web sites share information with other boaters and sell marine-related products and pontoon seat accessories. Many sites have open public forums for sharing information. Site visitors are invited to receive e-mail newsletters and a very friendly, helpful atmosphere is promoted. Pontoon seats for sale may be located in the forum section of the web site, where individuals sell their replaced pontoon furniture. Often the boat web site is used for actively selling marine products. In addition to personal ads for pontoon seats, the web site may have new and OEM pontoon seats for sale. Many vendors invest in an online presence to increase revenue and to reach more customers. Some sites even offer live Internet chat sessions as part of their customer service.

Classified ads in local newspapers are often available both online and in print. If pontoon seats for sale in the classified ad look appealing, it is much easier to inspect the furniture when it is in your locality. You may even locate replacement pontoon seats for sale in the marina near your pontoon boat. No shipping charges will need to be added, which may keep the price of the pontoon seats well within budgeted amounts.

Look for pontoon seats for sale in local marinas and neighborhood boating supply stores. Oftentimes pontoon boat owners sell pontoon furniture and accessories through the local stores. Local in-house experts can give you advice about purchasing pontoon seats for sale. Since the pontoon furniture is local, there will be no additional shipping charges and you can see exactly how much wear and tear the pontoon furniture has endured. Many pontoon owner do-it-yourselfers sell replaced furniture on consignment at local stores. Stores with tailoring services can sometimes repair the pontoon furniture that you thought would have to be replaced. Networking in local stores can lead to a vast amount of information about your boating neighborhood.

Locating pontoon seats for sale through Original Equipment Manufacturers, or OEMs, is a sure way to find the exact seats that were originally designed for your pontoon boat. They will be more expensive than used pontoon seats. The OEM may not be in your area, so there may also be a charge for shipping, although some companies increase sales by not adding shipping costs to the order.

Pontoon seats for sale may be located in marine outlet stores - either physical or on the Internet. Outlet stores are a way manufacturers use to sell their returned, damaged, or discontinued items. The prices are typically lower than regular retail stores but the inherent quality of the products is the same. Products damaged in shipping, incorrectly ordered, or slightly damaged have the same expected lifespan as retail products, but because of the minor damage, must be sold at a lower price.

Selecting Pontoon Seats for Sale

When you have located pontoon seats for sale and are contemplating purchasing them, confirm measurements of the pontoon furniture. Inspect each piece for wear at abrasion points. The bases of the furniture should be in good condition with no deep gouges or broken pieces. Any zippers should be constructed from Nylon and in good working condition. Seams should be sewn tightly together with waterproof, heavy-duty thread. Thread should not be rotted or loose. Included hardware should be rust-free and made of stainless steel or aluminum. Excessively oxidized seats and worn abrasion points are reasons for concern.

Keep track of each individual or vendor offering pontoon seats for sale. Include pricing per piece or per the seating group, the condition of each piece of furniture, color, size and any other information that might affect your decision to buy the furniture. To determine the quality of the furniture, the general rule of thumb for pontoon furniture is that more padding equals higher quality. Pontoon furniture is available in minimal, lightweight seating that has little or no padding to chairs that rival a living room recliner for comfort and amenities. By purchasing used pontoon seats for sale instead of new seats, you may be able to purchase higher quality furniture at more affordable prices.

The pontoon seats for sale should be dry, but not dried out, and flexible. If the seat covers zip off, check inside to make sure there is no discoloration in the foam and that the thin plastic membrane on top of the foam is intact. The plastic membrane protects upholstery foam from dampness. Keep in mind that even if the upholstery foam is discolored there may not be any serious damage done to it. The discolored foam simply indicates it has been exposed to light sources. Confirm that the reason for the discoloration doesn't include rips or tears in the upholstery fabric. Check to see how much of the foam is discolored. The foam color begins as an off-white hue. Sunlight turns it yellow, then brown. Upholstery foam that is dark brown and crumbling indicates oxidation has occurred.

The surface of the pontoon seat for sale should be smooth, supple and free of blemishes. There should be no obvious abrasion points, watermarks or stains. Check to make sure the zippers are in good working condition. Hinges should be free of rust and snug, with no play in them. The pontoon seat vinyl should be of a good quality, with a reinforced backing for durability.

When buying several pieces of furniture, make sure they all have the same shade of coloring. Pontoon seats for sale that have been left in the sun have more oxidation than those that have been stored under cover or in the shade. Compare each piece you want to buy with the furniture on your list. If there will be any changes in the floor plan, for example if you will have armrests on the new furniture, but didn't on the old, make sure to allow enough room in the floor plan.

When you have located the pontoon seats for sale that meet all of your needs, move forward with the installation process. Pontoon furniture is relatively easy to install. Many families enjoy taking a summer weekend to remove the old furniture and install the new pontoon furniture. The only major difficulties include the size of the cumbersome pieces and rusted hardware.

Remove the old furniture. If it is still useable, clean it and sell it to recoup some of the money spent on the replacement furniture. Thoroughly clean the deck carpeting and inspect for loose areas, tears or stains. If the carpeting needs to be replaced, this is the perfect time to do so. It is much easier and more efficient to replace carpet when replacing furniture. This is also a good time to check the rest of the pontoon boat for wear, scratches or problem areas.

Lay out the pontoon furniture on the deck where it is to be bolted down, and confirm everything fits. Working clockwise, bolt or screw each piece to the deck loosely. When all the pieces have been hand-tightened in place, and you see that everything fits correctly, begin tightening the hardware with hand tools. Tighten all the furniture bolts and screws.

Your Pontoon Seats for Sale

Now that you have located and installed the pontoon seats for sale that will fit your boat and budget, it is time to recoup a little of the money spent on the new seats. The idiom, "One man's trash is another man's treasure," is just as true with pontoon seating as with other products. While you may have grown tired of your pontoon furniture and find it unsuitable for your family, another family can't wait to find the "perfect" furniture you want to sell.

Before selling your pontoon seats for sale, make sure you inspect them so you can list any defects. Clean them and add protectant so they will be in their best condition. After a thorough cleaning, you may wonder why you wanted to replace them in the first place.

Listing your pontoon seats for sale in the local newspaper could significantly offset the cost of your new pontoon seats. Simply call the newspaper and purchase an inexpensive classified ad. Include your contact information, the model, make, condition and price of your pontoon furniture.

Several online boating communities have member forums where they encourage placing ads to sell pontoon boats and pontoon accessories. Online auction houses offer an inexpensive way to list and sell your pontoon seats for sale to large audiences of people on the Internet.

Be nice to your potential customers and have all of the information ready that you needed when you were looking for new pontoon furniture. Have a current, clear photograph. List all of the pieces available as well as their color and condition. Be honest. Tell your prospective customer up front if there is any damage to the pontoon seats for sale. It will become evident in time, but by being straightforward now, you will both be able to determine if a significant reduction in price should be given.

Check with shipping companies to estimate how much charges would be to ship the pontoon furniture one or more states away. It may be prohibitive, and you may want to include that information on your online classified ad to give your customers the whole picture.